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>> we're going to put the doug mckelway regulation nation report. you didn't get to see on our special report home page. check it out a bit later. we apologize for that. finally tonight, the harlem shake. it is the latest dance craze to hit the web and go viral. you know that happens sometimes. the internet video sensation may have originated in new york. but appears it is making an impact here in washington as well. >> it's the latest musical movement sweeping the web. how does it work? for the fires 15 seconds it begins with one person, usually wearing a helmet or a mask, dancing crazy to this catchy beat. while everyone around them minds their own business. then seemingly out of nowhere, a massive dance party breaks out.
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everyone doing the harlem shake. >> you probably saw this. that's what that was all about. >> it is my task to improve it. to the task of us all. [ laughter ] >> there is much progress to report. >> if that really happened, that would be something, wouldn't it? thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. have a great weekend. >> this is the fox report. tonight social media giant facebook says it was the target of a sophisticated attack. what it means now for your privacy. plus, hundreds hurt after a meteor splits the sky.
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it cut a burning line across the clouds. moving at hyper sonic speeds. and when the shock wave hit, some folks say they thought the world was ending. >> all of a sudden there was this incredible loud bang, like nothing i had ever heard before. >> that wasn't the only unusual object in the skies today. tonight the meteor and the asteroid. plus, their ship has finally come in. >> every time the boat lifted or leaned, the sewage would spill over. it was really filthy, smelly. >> it wasn't a vacation anymore. it was like survival mode. >> although not everybody was upset. >> we were absolutely thrilled with the way we were treated by the staff. >> i had a good time. i liked it out there. >> anybody that tells you that everything was okay, i don't know what ship they were on. >> tonight stories from the
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carnival triumph. a bizarre data. i'm bill heller in for shepard smith. it's not often we can report the sky is falling. today that's pretty much what happened in russia. a meteor the size of a city bus streaked across the sky over the you'll mounts. nasa reporting it appeared brighter than the sun. traveling at around 40,000 miles an hour, fast enough that if you were to hitch a ride, it would get from you new york to l.a. in four minutes time flat. early estimates were it weighed ten tons. nasa says now more like 7,000. it ripped through the air like a blade through fabric triggering sonic booms and an immense shock wave when it exploded. when it shattered miles above the earth, we're told it released 20 times the energy, more powerful than the hiroshimo bomb in japan.
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it was powerful enough to knock down doors and shatter windows across one city. officials say more than 1,000 people went for medical treatment. flying glass blamed for most of those injuries. one witness saying when older women in the neighborhood spotted it, they started screaming that the world was ending. and just about everybody seemed a little freaked out. >> it was very confusing because the building was shaking a little bit, so initially i thought it was an earthquake. but then i knew i heard this loud bang, so i thought some sort of explosion, either a gas leak or a bomb or -- once i saw this streak in the sky, i thought it was either a plane crash or a missile. >> can you blame him? the shock waves shattered a wall 900 miles east of moscow. one of an estimated 3,000 buildings damaged in one city.
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at a nearby lake, witnesses say a piece of that space rock punched a 26-foot hole right through the ice in the middle of the winter. how is this for a cosmic coincidence? meteor came on the same day that 150-foot asteroid ripped right by the earth. closer than some of our own communication satellites. if that one had hit a city, that city would be gone tonight. more on that asteroid coming up tonight inside the fox report. first to trace gallagher on the meteor that exploded over russia. this thing came out of nowhere, did it not? >> it did indeed, bill. they couldn't detect it, because of it too small to pick up on radar and two, it came from the daylight side of earth and they say that these types of meteors have to be picked up by telescopes at night. now, experts say we got basketball size meteors flung at the earth every day, small car size meteors every couple of months. but they mostly burnham. this one came through the
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atmosphere because it was bigger and as you said, much, much faster. they say it's a good thing the atmosphere slowed it down and broke it up because if it hit the earth directly, it would have been even worse. listen. >> we're talking about a much larger situation of devastation because we're creating possibly a crater, possibly destroying a number of buildings and having that shock wave promulgate across the ground, something like an earthquake in a sense, but maybe not quite that big that can cause more surface damage. >> we should point out nasa really isn't looking for those smaller asteroids and meteors because they're looking for the bigger, much more menacing ones out there. >> in this case, we haven't seen a story like this in what, about 100 years? >> 105 years. in siberia, russia, back in 1908, in the taguska meteor. that thing really wiped out about 80 million trees over an
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800-mile radius. the goal is clearly for nasa and other space agencies to identify these flying rocks and some day try to stop them. but when one does get through like in 1908 and today, it really is jackpot for science because unlike earth rocks, space rocks have no erosion and they provide a wealth of information. listen. >> these pieces really are sort of like museums of the solar system, if you will, bound up in their composition are clues about what the early solar system was like. so studying these helps us open a door, look back in time, and possibly gain more information about what the solar system was like very early in its history. >> bottom line here, bill, is what doesn't kill us apparently makes us stronger. >> remarkable that no one died there, more than 1,000 injuries, but not a single death. trace gallagher, thank you from our west coast bureau. carnival is facing its first
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lawsuit. one passenger called it a floating cesspool. otherwise known as the cruise ship triumph. old triumph was anything but today finally arriving in mobile, alabama, late last night, a week after it left galveston, texas, and five very long days after it broke down in the middle of the gulf of mexico. one passenger out of texas filed a lawsuit overt horrifying conditions on board after the power went out, the toilets stopped work, and probably heard plenty of gory details by number as one passenger put it, the lower it got, the stinkier it got. tonight's thousands can enjoy a steaming hot shower instead. >> come on over! come on over! you can talk to us. >> several passengers did talk to reporters, but not before giving thanks for being on dry land. >> i'm so happy to be home really. >> happy to be home. after several uncomfortable days
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on board the carnival triumph. >> very bad. it was like a hot port a potty. >> i was in the peace corps and i spent two years able to train and i thought the conditions in the peace corps with my latrine were better than the conditions on the boat. >> but as bad as conditions were for the passengers, some of them thanked the crew for putting up with worst. >> those poor crew members, they were coming in immediately after somebody would go use the bathroom and clean it up by hand and then wait for the next person to come in. it was horrible. >> it was an accident that happened, you know. i think that they did the best they could. it's hard to prepare for something that's that bad. >> many said they left behind shoes and clothing on the ship, saying they had become too soiled during the journey. the priority now? getting home. >> i'm going to take a hot bath and go to sleep. >> that was not easy for some. a bus taking passengers down to new orleans broke down.
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carnival spokesman says another bus had to pick them up and get them safely to the big easy. wow. jonathan is live in mobile, alabama tonight. what did they tell you when they finally got off that ship? >> well, bill, passengers were thrilled to be back on dry land and have access to things that they had previously taken for granted. simple things like electricity and flushing toilets. many of them were wearing white bath robes to keep them warm at a port that was a little further north than their itinerary called for. people had mixed feelings about whether they'd embark on a cruise in the future. >> never in my life will i walk around a cruise ship. i'm done. i'm done. never again. it's not going to happen. >> i had three more planned this year on carnival. can't wait for triumph to come out of dry dock. >> in addition to a full refund for this cruise, carnival is offering a passengers a free cruise in the future.
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bill? >> all 4229 of them. what happens to the ship now, jonathan? >> well, earlier today, the triumph was towed to nearby shipyard here on mobile bay where it will undergo mechanical repairs and a deep cleaning. the ntsb continues its investigation into that engine room fire that caused the ship to lose power sunday. carnival says the triumph will remain out of service through april and canceled 14 voyages that the ship was scheduled to make during that time period. bill. >> thank you. jonathan down there all week in mobile, alabama. somebody has hacked into facebook's company computers. an attack that officials call sophisticated. in a post on the blog for the web site, the company indicates that hackers infiltrated several workers' laptops last month. officials say there is no evidence that any users' personal information was stolen. the company saying they've reported everything to law enforcement and launched their
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own investigation. more than a billion users on facebook now. u.s. prosecutors filing criminal charges against former congressman jesse jackson, junior. what they're hitting him with and why he says he's not making any excuses. plus, the blade runner, oscar pistorius crying in court as he learns he could face life in prison, accused of murdering his girlfriend. that's coming up tonight here on the fox report the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the vture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, yoguys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard gring contest ango! ♪ i win! what's in wallet?
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whether the former congressman also cuts a deal. in a statement, jackson said the following, i offered no excuses for my conduct and i fully accept my responsibility for the improper decisions and mistakes i have made. investigators say he lied on official documents, hiding the fact that they were using campaign cash to fund a fancy lifestyle. back in november, he won reelection as a congressman out of illinois, but quickly resigned that position before the election he took a six-month leave of absence. his doctor saying at the time he was undergoing intensive treatment for bipolar disorder. one of the most beloved stars from last summer's olympics now facing the possibility of life in prison. oscar pistorius made history the first double amputee to ever compete in the games. but today the so-called blade runner wept openly inside of a courtroom. his hands covering his face. prosecutors in his native south africa formally charging him with the premeditated murder of
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his girlfriend. that girlfriend is successful model, entrepreneur, and law school graduate known simply by her first name, reeva. she turned up dead at his home on valentine's day with four gunshot wounds. after today's hearing, the track star's family and management company issued a statement for the first time and that reads in part: the alleged murder is disputed in the strongest terms. he has made it very clear that he would like to send his deepest sympathies to the family of reeva. elizabeth prann is live in our new york city news room on this. we're also hearing from the victim's family as well. >> you're right. her uncle told the media her family is remaining in seclusion and not passing any judgment. >> the answers will come out. i must say one thing, you know, if you really believe in the lord, that will come out and we don't have to make any judgment. that judgment will be done then.
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>> she was found dead the same day she was supposed to speak to high school students about the dangers of domestic violence. ' motional hearing we learned he faces premeditated murder. reporters say she was shot through a bathroom door. bill? >> bill: it is remarkable to get all these details when you consider that he is a -- he is an icon in that country. what is next for him? >> absolutely. and he's going to be in court again on tuesday facing bail charges. according to reports, he has been transferred to a new jail. officials there say his old cell wasn't suitable for, quote, his special needs. law enforcement also agreed to allow the former olympian to keep his prosthetics in jails due to special circumstances. normally prison officials confiscate any item that can be perceived as a possible weapon. meanwhile, journalists who have met the sprinter say his arrest is sending shock waves through the sports world.
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>> everybody seemed to admire and respect him and he seemed to get along very well with everybody and certainly had no issues that were in the forefront or none that came to my attention. >> he's no longhorn being allowed to accept visitors or home cooked meals. >> bill: thank you. president obama made another push for gun control today and where he did it is significant. we'll explain. plus, getting guns off the streets and making them into jewelry for a cause. that's coming up here tonight on the fox report.
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>> bill: president obama paying tribute to the heros of sandy hook elementary today, awarding the presidential citizens medal to 18 americans, including the six adults who died protecting
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students during the newtown massacre. that medal is the highest honor the president can give any civilian. after the ceremony he went back into his old neighborhood in chicago to make another pitch for some of the proposals from his state of the union address, including what he calls common sense gun control. opponents of new restrictions point out that chicago has pretty tough gun laws already, but it also has hundreds of gun-related murders last year alone. ed henry is live in the windy city. aides say the president want to do talk about the economy, but he could not go to his hometown and not talk about guns, ed. >> that's right. that's why he wove it into his entire speech. it was supposed to be a speech about the building the middle class, following on that state of the union speech earlier in the week. but the parents of the 15-year-old girl who just a few weeks ago was at the president's inaugural parade, then gunned down here in the streets of chicago, gang related violence, her parents were here and what the president tried to do was to say this is not just about gun
4:24 pm
control. it's about a lot more. take a listen. >> as the son of a single mom who gave everything she had to raise me with the help of my grandparents, i turned out okay. but at the same time, i wish i had had a father who was around and involved. loving, supportive parents. and by the way, that's all kinds of parents. that includes foster parents and that includes grandparents and extended families, includes gay or straight parents. >> after wrapping up the speech, the president is headed to palm city, florida. he'll have a few days of rest and relaxation in and play golf with staff and friends. >> bill: he also made another push for gun control. what was said there, ed? >> he did. you heard that strong push at the state of the union earlier this week about how the people in newtown deserve a vote. the people in aurora, colorado deserve a vote. as you noted, there are critics
4:25 pm
of the president saying, wait a second. there are already tough gun control laws here. look at these numbers in chicago. this year alone, 41 shooting-related murders in the city of chicago, but 809 guns have been seized here. so far this year, that's nine times as many as have been seized in new york city. look at last year, about 500 murders, most involving guns. there was 7400 guns seized last year. only about 300 of them were assault rifles. that's why the nra has been pushing back on this assault weapons ban and it's looking less and less likely like the president will get that ban. instead, he may get, they're closing in on a deal, a bipartisan deal, for universal background checks. >> bill: thank you. ed henry from chicago tonight. there are obviously a lot of different opinions about what should or should not be done to prevent the senseless shootings. but for many the priority is simply to get the illegal guns out of the hands of criminals. there is a woman in new york trying to help police tackle that very issue. by turning guns into something
4:26 pm
quite different. shepard smith has her story. >> the majority of our violence that we see here is being perpetrated with hand guns. >> illegal guns are piling up at the ballistics lab in newark, new jersey. >> last year we recovered off the streets, 856 guns. >> some were involved in the city's 88 murders. others came from armed robberies, carjackings or the arrests of people who carried them illegally. >> i couldn't believe there wasn't some way i could do my part to help. >> her part, it turned out, was to create these. cops allowed jewelry designer jessica to melt down hundreds of guns and shell casings from their crime lab. she added extra brass and steel and turned them into bracelets. engraving each with a serial number of one of the guns from which it came. >> it's an actual gun. it's never going to happen again. it's off the streets. it can never go back. that's pretty cool. >> a lot of her customers feel
4:27 pm
the same way. she gave a chunk of the sales, $40,000, back to new york to found a gun buy back program which will pay people to turn in their illegal or unwanted guns. >> we're taking that entire horrible scene, we're transforming it into these bracelets that are guaranteeing that that scene won't occur again. it's a virtual circle. >> i think it makes people feel that they're doing something to help, which they really are. >> the newark police director claims the money will encourage hundreds of people to disarm. >> it's 250 to 300 guns that jessica's money is going to allow to us take off the streets. how many lives did she save by doing that? >> shepard smith, fox news. >> bill: thank you. she says that she is getting nothing but positive reaction from the victims and she tells us she's planning to expand the program to other cities outside of new jersey. if interested, you can buy the bracelets on-line for a link to her web site go to our web site.,/shep on-line now.
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u.n. ambassador evan susan rice speaking out since pulling her name from consideration to be the next secretary of state. her response to republicans who say the administration covered up details on the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. plus, slights on opposite sides of the country forced to make unscheduled landings. we'll tell you why and the notable passengers who were on board each plane. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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>> two emergency landings. an oil indicator light came on and forced a either whicher plane to land in miami. that flight had taken off from guantanamo bay in cuba. it was headed to andrews air force base. according to reports, some family members of 9-11 victims were on board that plane. they were said to have been in gitmo for a hearing involving the five men accused of helping plan the attacks of september 11. a british airways flight had a stop in las vegas after people reported flumes in the cockpit. workers took three passengers and crew members to a hospital. no word on their condition or what caused the report of fumes. celebrity couple ryan seacrest and julian you huff said to be on board that plane. neither star has confirmed that. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. this is the fox report.
4:33 pm
they are dead wrong. that's what u.n. ambassador susan rice is saying about critics critics who accused the white house of covering up the attack in benghazi. ambassador rice took herself out of the running for secretary of state before she could be nominated. some republican senators say they're holding up chuck hagel's nomination for defense secretary in order to get more answers about libya. republicans also asking for more information from john brennan. he's the president's nominee for c.i.a. director. catherine herridge has all of this tonight. what are we hearing from am bass dor rice? >> thank you, bill and good evening. in her first interview since pulling out of consideration for secretary of state, ambassador susan rice suggests she's the victim, blaming her demonstration spun out of control comments on the intelligence community. >> i shared the best information that our intelligence community had at the time and they provided the talking points that i used and they were wrong in one respect.
4:34 pm
we learned subsequently and that is that there wasn't, in fact a protest. >> secretary panetta testified he knew benghazi was preplanned terrorism even before rice's appearance on those sunday talk shows, september 16. >> when this was going on, we weren't sure what was taking place there, but when i later found out that you had rpg's and mortars and there was an attack on that facility, there was no question in my mind it was a terrorist attack. >> the senate intelligence committee released these records. the president's pick to lead the c.i.a. and virtually every question on the administration's handling, brennan refers to classified material, which is not public. >> bill: but he is talk being one thing and that's the idea of a new drone court. what is he saying about that? >> brennan is saying the drone court is an idea worth considering, though he warns there are logistical and time problems. brennan says, quote, this
4:35 pm
administration has not carried out drone strikes inside the united states and has no intention of doing so. brennan says the administration uses armed drones in, quote, hot spots, like afghanistan or yemen where the country can't or won't deal with the terrorist threat. as point-blank who makes the call that americans can be targeted for death, brennan seemed to dodge the question, saying there is a review process by various agencies as well as the president. bill. >> bill: thank you. catherine herridge on all of that for us in washington. if you were listening closely, you might have heard planet earth breathe a sigh of relief this afternoon as an enormous asteroid came a little too close for comfort. at 50 yards wide, this asteroid was half the size of a football field. much larger than the meteor that exploded over russia earlier today, even if the asteroid had hit the earth, it would not have been a planet killer, but if that thing had smacked a city, millions could have died. happily and luckily it was about 17,000 miles from indonesia.
4:36 pm
that's closer than some of our communication satellites, however. but far enough that we were not in any danger. phil keating with the news live in south florida. the experts say they were never really worried about this. now were they, huh, phil? >> no, bill. turns out the astronomers and scientists were 100% ride. they said it would miss us and it did. right now the asteroid is about 75,000 miles from earth and it's getting further by the second after coming extremely close, 17,000 miles, which is 5,000 miles closer than many of our satellites. no damage there either. this asteroid about the size of a 12 story building speeding through space. and 50,000 years ago in arizona an asteroid roughly the same size left behind this massive crater, detonating reportedly by scientists, who estimate it like a 20 mega ton nuclear bomb. >> bill: this asteroid is going to return and sometime soon and what is the risk then, phil?
4:37 pm
>> this asteroid came so close to earth today that our gravity actually altered its orbit, so d.a. 14 now will return to earth in the vicinity of earth at least, in the year 2046. again, in 2080. either one of those events could be another close call. there are about a million space rocks in the vicinity of earth's orbit. so today's events could help save the planet in the future. >> they won't be hazardous for many hundreds of years. that gives us plenty of time to really be able to study the population, understand how it's structured and come up with mitigation strategies. >> and that could involve some futuristic asteroid deflection plan, ala hollywood blockbuster type of a deal. all, of course, to save humanity. the dinosaurs, bill, did not have such a plan and they were wiped out. >> bill: we got to get on that plan fast. thank you. phil keating. this just in to fox news, an ex kahn cop accused of killing four
4:38 pm
people during a nine-day rampage throughout southern california likely killed himself. that word officially from the officials in southern california. officials say they need more tests before they can confirm christopher dorn were shot himself, but that he did die of a single gunshot wound. yesterday they identified the charred body inside that burned out cabin as dorner's body. while they say the intense manhunt is finally ended the investigation is far from over. adam housley live outside what is left of the cabin in big bear lake in california. what else did those officials tell you, adam? >> yeah. when dorner came here, he abandoned that truck that he carjacked and the officers were ambushed, like he did the other officers earlier in the week, the week prior in riverside. they were hit unsuspecting. they knew dorner was in the area. they didn't know exactly where he was. they also showed us a number of weapons that they recovered adds
4:39 pm
part of this investigation. many high powered rifles and also high powered pistols. there were ten different silencers and on one of those rifles, the word etched in a special piece that was add to do it, the word was vengeance. bill. >> bill: adam, the scene near the cabin, it was so hot for so long, what is the scene like now? >> take a look behind me. this is the cabin here. a larger cabin. about 1400 square feet or so. you can see all that's left is rubble. dorner was over to the left. he would eventually retreat to the basement where authorities believe he shot himself. also there are some questions of whether he might have been injured. that was not answered in today's press conference. when we got here this morning, we ran into the man whose truck was carjacked and then abandoned here by dorner. shear what he said what dorner was like had they came across each other's paths. >> definitely a big assault rifle and he had a ballistic vest on with pockets in the fronts that could have been smoke bombs or hand grenades or
4:40 pm
magazines for his rival or whatever like that. >> not to be lost on this is the fact that two deputies were hit feet from where i'm standing. one, unfortunately died. the other one has a long recovery ahead of him. but dorner, authorities believe killed himself. there's a question of whether he could have possibly been injured. bill? >> bill: what a deadly trail he leaves behind. big bear lake, california. a former big city mayor admits to a big gambling problem. how about a billion dollars big. the source of that cash could get her in a lot of trouble. plus, word of a link between alcohol and cancer and we're not talking about binge drinking. but just a couple a day perhaps. that straight ahead tonight on this friday edition of the fox report [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you. >> bill: a former mayor of san diego has owned up to a billion dollars gambling habit. that bankrupted a charity. now she struck a deal with the feds to pay back some of the
4:44 pm
money. maureen o'connor was elected saying egg's first female mayor in 1986. nearly over a decade, she wagered more than a billion dollars at casinos all across the country. the lawyer also admits the ex-mayor took $2 million from her late husband's charity in the process. that charity is now broke. o'conner says the doctors removed a brain tumor, which she seems to suggest may have affected her judgment. william lajeunesse is live in our west coast news hub. did that tumor, do we know, did that play a role in her actions? >> you know, the tumor is gone. she's not in good physical health, but mentally she's competent. but remember, o'conner looted her husband's charity five years ago and over seven months, she took $2 million from that foundation which helped alzheimer's victims and dying children. yesterday o'conner defended herself. >> i always intended to pay it back and i still intend to pay
4:45 pm
it back. >> yet she didn't, when she had the chance, according to the indictment, she won hundreds of thousands of dollars back after stealing the money, but never reimbursed the foundation. she doesn't have to spend a day in jail and prosecutors will dismiss the money laundering charges, no charges whatsoever, no prosecution provided she undergo counseling and try to repay the debt. prosecutors admit the ex-mayor has no income or bank account, still they defend the plea deal. >> she had a severe medical condition that would make it difficult if not impossible, even to bring this case to court. >> a u.s. attorney in san diego, an obama appointee praised o'can who are was a liberal democratic mayor. >> bill: if she played a billion dollars in casino, how much of that did she lose? >> well, she lost a lot of
4:46 pm
money. at one point she was worth $50 million. thanks almost entirely to her marriage to the man who founded jack in the box. he was 61. she was 30 when they got married. the daughter, she of a local boxer. she inherited more than a billion dollars in video poker profits. mostly in vegas and indian casinos around southern california. today she's pennyless. >> it would be correct to say she gambled her fortune away. some of it was stolen away, and the rest was lost in that real estate transaction. >> so the attorney said that she would defer prosecution if o'conner agreed to repay the 2 million to the foundation, although she's disabled and destitute. she made a lot of money, she lost a lot of money. >> bill: sad story in the end all around. hundreds of families evacuated as a forest fire destroys dozens of homes as we go around the world in 80 second
4:47 pm
s. chile. flames broke out on the hill overlooking valparaiso, a port north of san santiago. several army platoons joined dozens of fire crews and hundreds of cops to battle the thing for hours. at least 27 people hurt. the governor calls it the city's worst blaze in two decades. thailand. authorities seized nearly 2 million meth pills in what they call the year's biggest drug bust. they say they chased two pickups near the border with burma and hidden inside one truck they found 40 pounds of crystal meth along with those pills. china. archaeologists say kids looking for firewood discover one of the smallest temples. at 7 by 7 feet, it's got royal murals, a buddhist statue and room for one buddhist monk. researchers estimated some 1500
4:48 pm
years old. australia, birdies, eagles and now kangaroos storming the fairway at the women's australian open golf tournament. the mob of bouncing roos delayed the opening round a bit. they like to feed on the lush watered grass and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> bill: drinking alcohol may increase the risk of some cancers, according to new research. there's a study in the american journal of health that found that drinking alcohol accounts for as many as 20,000 cancer deaths every year. or 3 1/2%. that includes 15% of breast cancer deaths. alcohol also linked to cancers of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, liver and colon. researchers say even just two drinks a day could be risky. the image of a broken roller
4:49 pm
coaster half had you been merged in the ocean, remains as one of the iconic images of the devastation from super storm sandy. crews now working on some rebuilding there. we'll show you what they're up to in a moment. and a major retailer accused of selling fake tiffany engagement rings. what could "the cost of cost cos of dollars ephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf.
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>> bill: the jersey shore's come back took a big step forward nearly four months after super storm sandy absolutely devastated that coast line. that is a drill dug into the sand of the sound of bagpipes today as crews started rebuilding the iconic boardwalk in seaside heights. of course, the resort area has been a top summer destination
4:53 pm
for families in the northeast for decades. it's where mtv filmed the show "jersey shore." it's also where sandy swept the jet star roller coaster off a pier and into the water in october. it is still standing there today. rick leventhal is live in seaside heights. how much progress have crewed made there, rick? >> they dug a lot of holes and installed a lot of these poles today. the boardwalk of seaside heights is critical to this town. drives the economic of this town. so you can understand why there is some celebrating when they installed 40 of these poles today. a new beginning, according to the mayor. the visitors flock here for the boardwalk. more than hundreds of thousands of them every year. accounts for two-thirds of the town's income. when sandy smashed a mile of this ocean front promenade, the town almost immediately began cleaning up and soliciting bids to replace it. this morning the heavy equipment rolled in, drilling the 20-foot holes for the 25-foot poles
4:54 pm
forming the base of seaside heights' future. >> a great journey starts with the first step. this is a huge step for us. this is going to let people know, we can do a project this big, then we certainly can help you get your home together, get your business together, whatever it might be. >> eventually 2,000 pilings, $3.6 million job that should be done by may 10. >> bill: what about that roller coaster? so much of the other debris that's still in the water, rick? >> yeah. the jet star is one of the lasting images of hurricane sandy. it was knocked off the end of the casino pier and into the atlantic. that's where it remains along with other rides and a lot of other debris. we found a surfer who says there is plenty more dangerous junk in the sea in a town just north of here. >> i went over in the lip of the waves and landed on a pile of debris. it felt like something metal. could have been a car or even anything -- something big and metal. >> the owner of the casino pier
4:55 pm
tells us he's just about to hire a company to begin the process of clearing that roller coaster out of the ocean. that will take about 50 days. we're told the army corps of engineers will handle the rest of the debris in the ocean. >> bill: it's still a huge job even today. rick leventhal. sandy's 12-foot seas and 90 mile-an-hour winds swept everybody off an historic tall ship and into the atlantic that night. that from a crew member's testimony today at a hearing on the sinking of the ship. at least one person died in the disaster. the captain's body was never found. the ship was a replica of the 18th century vessel, hms bounty. teams that built it fort 1962 film starring marlon brando in "mutiny on the bounty." it was heading to florida when it sailed into the storm off the coast of north carolina. today a third mate said the bounty rolled over before anybody could deploy life rafts and properly abandon that ship.
4:56 pm
luxury goods company tiffany is taking costco to court. get this, it's accusing costco of selling counterfeit rings. the lawsuit claims costco sold hundreds or even thousands of diamond rings and misled customers into thinking that they were getting authentic tiffany product. tiffany is seeking all the sales profits, plus $2 million in damages per infringement. so far no comment from costco. a potential major problem for drivers that could cost them thousands of dollars in car repairs each. at the root of it all, hundreds of hungry bunnies. details on how and where the wild rabbits are wreak havoc. next as your life and career change,
4:57 pm
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